This is not the first time holistic therapies for weight loss have caught your attention and we know you’ve raised an eyebrow at the thought of losing weight thanks to some therapeutic needles! In fact, you’ve found yourself researching some of the top acupuncture treatment for weight loss in and around you. However, if you’re yet to venture the acupuncture path, let us tell you about the top 5 things to consider when going in.

ü Ear Acupuncture may be more promising than it sounds-

Quite recently, scientists researching holistic therapies confirmed that five acupuncture needles carefully placed on the outer ear can be your gateway to losing the spare pounds. This theory is backed by the concept that your outer ear represents some major pressure points. For instance, a needle inserted in a particular position in your outer ear can help you fight off those nasty hunger pangs. With your appetite in control, you are one step closer to weight loss.

ü Acupuncture is not just about weight loss-

If you go in thinking one session of acupuncture would wave your spare tires goodbye, you might be disappointed at the end of the session. Weight loss is a gradual process much like weight gain and holistic approaches can’t sculpt you down on the very first session. However, if you have some muscle strains and back pains coupled with stress-ridden anxiety, the positive effects may start becoming prominent from the very first session itself.

ü Acupuncture is less of medical treatment and more of a wellness remedy-

When you agree to acupuncture, you open yourself to the possibility that you’ll come out with a refreshed and rejuvenated mind. Imagine yourself in a serene room with a faint melody floating in your ears. The sparsely lit room is engulfed in aromatic essential oils as you lay face down breathing at the moment. This is what wellness of the mind and body looks like. Somewhere in between living in the moment, your acupuncture needles will be working the medical magic.

ü That doesn’t mean acupuncture doesn’t have science backing it-

Wellness constitutes a big part of the acupuncture genre, but that doesn’t mean your healing process is magical and mystical too. The needles infiltrating your layers of anxiety, pain, and tension stimulates the release of endorphins, an all-natural “feel good” hormone present in your body. When strategically placed, the needles can encourage certain chemical compounds to work together to facilitate the fat burning process in your body.

ü Needles are scary only when you can feel them-

We know the acupuncture pictures you see online look a bit scary. Many first-timers often dread the pain before going into the process. However, chances are, you’d probably not even feel the needles inducing your body. Even if you do anticipate the sensation, chances are it’s just going to be a quick prick and even before you can comprehend what happened, the super-thin hair-like needles have already started their work on you.

Acupuncture dates back to the ancient Chinese days when natural healing and needle-point treatments went hand-in-hand. Even though, to a newbie acupuncture may sound like a daunting, we promise you the process is delicately hand-picked and perfected by professionals. When you finally do wake up from your needle-induced nap, the feeling of invigoration will be too profound to dismiss.