Acupuncture Services

When performed by well-trained practitioners, acupuncture provides lasting, long-term relief for a host of conditions not limited to neurological and muscular disorders, digestive disorders, reproductive problems, and psycho-emotional disorders.


Oriental Herbal Medicine

A licensed practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine, Dr. Park supplies this dispensary with high-quality herbs. On site, we can carefully prescribe herbal medicine that complements your tailored treatment.


PEMF - Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field

The technology works by electromagnetically stimulating a body's cell to enhance healing and cell functions.


Pulsecam Technology & Treatments

Pulsecam treatments are particularly effective for musculoskeletal disorders, safely treating chronic pain syndrome, diabetes, and even mental disorders.

New York PAPA

Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

Committed to helping patients live a life of spiritual and physical well-being, our doctors integrate the best of Eastern and evidence-based medicine to provide holistic treatments that are customized for every patient. Your precise treatment plan could include acupuncture, herbal medicine, and/or PEMF to accelerate healing in a safe, natural manner.


Meet Dr. Park

Doweon Park, the director of the center, has a passion for helping people live a spiritually enhanced and physically prosperous life. Incorporating evidence-based medicine with the two-thousand year old art of Eastern medicine, Dr. Park can help most patients in all aspects of their health concerns. Doweon Park was mentored by Dr. Zhu, a master of Oriental medicine for more than three generations in China. Based on Dr. Zhu's philosophy, all medical therapy must be based on solid scientific evidence. He performs a precise personally designed protocol of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to address the specific needs of each of his patients. Doweon Park is licensed to practice both Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture on Long Island and other areas within New York State. Also he is certified to practice in Naturopathic Medicine.