When you first decided to take a step towards IVF, you must have had a million questions racing through your mind. As you sit in the clinic staring back at your doctor, you see the long-running list of blood tests, self-administered shots, ultrasounds- the whole nine yards. The doctor then reveals IVF too comes with a stipulated success rate- the success riding on a lot of factors including your age.

We know the quest for a little one could be exhausting for many, and we are not sure what your story is. However, we’d still like to extend a helping hand. Even though we cannot boost your IVF success rate miraculously, we can definitely try to improve it with a little help from an age-old technique we call Acupuncture.

Does Acupuncture really work?

When it comes to holistic approaches and emotional roller-coasters, we can never vouch for its certainty. However, a study conducted in 2002 revealed that out of 160 mothers signing up for IVF, the ones who signed up for acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer had a 42.5% success rate while the ones who didn’t had a 26.3% rate.

But, how can acupuncture help in such a delicate matter?

So we thought until renowned acupuncturists explained how the sheer art of needle insertion at the right point at the right time could regulate hormonal imbalance, increase ovarian and uterine blood flow, lower cortisol levels, soothe stress and anxiety, and help mothers keep IVF-induced side effects in check.

Anytime, Anywhere?

The answer is no! You cannot simply show up for acupuncture and expect the outcome to be in your favor. From the day of conception to the very end of the third trimester, acupuncture can help you make these nine months smooth. You need to talk to a professional acupuncturist who’ll map out your pregnancy and help you with the periodical breakdown of when to opt for acupuncture in between.

Can we help?

Lastly, if you’re undergoing IVF, we realize that you’re in the middle of a storm raging inside you. Your questioning success rates, wondering if it’s worth it, dreaming of motherhood, and looking for a way to concrete your hopes. To get the best fertility acupuncture in NYC, we recommend you do a quick drop-by to help us understand your story better.