Cervical Spondylosis involves the deterioration of spinal disks and ligaments in the neck. This is a very common condition among elderly people and tends to worsen if neglected in any way. Such conditions arise when the space required by spinal cord gets narrowed down and results in the pinching of nerve roots. People who suffer from such diseases have to deal with lack of coordination among body parts and face difficulty while walking. Tingling, numbness, and loss of bladder or bowel control are a few common symptoms of early-stage cervical spondylosis.

Acupuncture and physical therapies can prove to be of great help for treatment of cervical spondylosis. According to research studies conducted by Xindu District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tianjin University of TCM, long needle acupuncture, electro-acupuncture and Xiaoxingnao acupuncture have a promising scope for cervical spondylosis treatment. These treatments facilitate communication between different acupuncture points and improve blood circulation in the body. By going for regular acupuncture sessions, it is possible to reduce neck and shoulder pain, avoid dizziness, and alleviate headache.

Acupuncture treatment complemented with a wide range of neck-stretching exercises can reduce body stiffness to a great extent. It is better to avoid surgical procedures in such cases and opt for other forms of treatment for long-term cure. Resorting to injections and surgeries is only a good option in case physical therapies and health-boosting supplements fail to work.

New York PAPA offers effective acupuncture services for pain management. If you are suffering from cervical spondylosis and looking for options that can provide long-term relief, acupuncture for nerve pain treatment is a good way to go.