Health Recovery Program

Changing you Gut, Changing your Life - Clinically proven results

Committed to helping patients live a life of mental and physical well-being, our doctors integrate the best of Eastern and evidence-based medicine to provide holistic treatments that are customized for every patient. Your precise treatment plan could include acupuncture, health recovery program with proprietary herbal medicine, detox, nutritions, and professional level PEMF(pulsed electro-magnetic frequency) to accelerate healing in a safe, natural manner.

What is Lifestyle Medicine?
Our lifestyle is fast paced, our food now processed and prepared in an instant without proper nutritions and enzymes. The widespread chronic diseases right now is because we are missing out the most important factors in living a healthy lifestyle, Diet, Exercise, Nutrition and Stress Management. Health Rocovery Program is designed to promote optimal immune functions, purifying blood, and proper energy production (metabolism) by consuming enzyme complex, balancing gut flora and restoring our body's own healing capacity in the right way.

Eating healthy food is not enough. Because if you simply take in food with probiotics, it will not act effectively due to already unfavorable intestinal environment. It depends on how your body processes, digests, assimilates and breaks down all the nutrients.

Most of the human body functions would not occur without enzymes. It serves as an incredible biological catalysts to the human body which drives the chemical reactions required to maintain optimal health. Unfortunately, our food supply is deprived this vital force of enzymes in the food we consume. That's why we are suffering from many modern chronic diseases including heart attack, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, Chronic pain symptoms, digestion problems,GI issues, and depression / anxiety disorders to name a few.

The benefits of fermented foods

  1. 1. Increased enzyme content helps you absorb nutrients more efficiently to boost immune functions and energy production.
  2. 2. It helps building up probiotics to restore gut flora balance in the gut and aid digestion and immune health.
  3. 3. It is safer to consume than raw vegetables because the lactic acid created during the fermentation process kills harmful microbes such as E.coli.
  4. 4. The lacto-fermentation process stores food longer than canning without environmental toxins and without depleting nutrients.
  5. 5. It also increased the nutritional value by enriching certain nutrients.