There’s no cheat code or magic spells to losing weight overnight. Many of us have been on the other side of the fashion magazines staring at the well-sculpted flawless figures staring back at us. We have also been on the other side of weight loss pills and potions and so far you’re still waiting for a weight loss miracle to take you by surprise. How about instead of splurging on weight loss pills, we get essential natural herbs for weight loss to do the job for us? How about this time instead of focusing on melting the fat, we look at a more holistic approach? A wellness center for the mind and body will tell you how weight loss naturally is always profound and concrete as compared to popping pills and expecting miracles.

Let’s move on to the list of natural remedies to whacking the weight away, shall we?

Fitness Not Weight Loss

Nothing spells fitness as well as yoga does, and the best part is, this is one of the most cost-effective health maintenance strategies you can opt for. If being on a budget while trying to lose weight has been plaguing you for a while now, you can ditch the expensive gym memberships and get yourself an hour of fitness every morning. However, do remember, yoga is a natural process and hence the results will be gradual but concrete, not overnight and superficial.


If we could put a different spin on the word Ayurveda, there’ll never be a better fit than the term “holistic”. Using everyday items found in your kitchen, you can get yourself a strategic weight loss process. From lemon and lukewarm water after the first-morning yawn to drinking basil and mint-infused herbal tea before the mid-day meal, Ayurveda has an extensive list of all-natural weight loss tips and tricks up its sleeve.


An age-old process perfected by the wellness centers around the world, acupuncture dates back to the traditional Chinese therapeutic healing methods with wonderful effects that still surprise weight loss enthusiasts to date. However, keep in mind, the intricate process of fine needles and pressure points should only be handled by professionals.

Herbs All Around

The shift from pharmaceutical breakthrough weight loss methods with bizarre side-effects to the herbal side where supplements and herbs bind you in yet another holistic experience. With the fine line between herbal and Ayurveda getting more and more difficult to distinguish, people are often combining the best of both to get the desired results they crave for.

An approach that focuses on fitness and health rather than weight loss through diets, pills, starvation is not just therapeutic for your body, but for your mind too. With stress and tightly-knit everyday routines getting more compact than ever, a mental getaway through these all-natural remedies can be liberating.