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Skin Aging

Skin Aging
• Skin aging generally starts at age of 25~30
• Symptoms of skin aging includes dryness, wrinkle, pigmentation, unbalanced complexion, etc.
Causes of Skin Aging
• Natural Cause: Decrease of antioxidant in the body, destruction of collagen by free radicals
• External Cause: Sunlight(UV), pollution, photo-aging
• Others : Hormonal change, drugs & alcohol consumption, weight loss or gain, makeup, etc.
Ways to Delay Skin Aging
• Massage therapy
• Laser, IPL treatment
• Chemical peeling
• Functional cosmetics: i.e.) Vitamin C & E : whitening, moisturizing,prevents wrinkles
• Physical Treatment : MTS + active ingredients

Layers of Skin

• Making new skin cells
• Giving skin its color
• Protecting your body
• Making sweat
• Helping you feel things
• Growing hair
• Making oil
• Bringing blood to your skin
Subcutaneous fat
• Attaching the dermis to your muscles and bones
• Helping the blood vessels and nerve cells
• Controlling your body temperature
• Storing your fat

Treatment Result

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1) Minor swelling and itchiness can occur for a day after the treatment. Sunblock and home care(soothing and cooling) is crucial.
2) Redness will disappear after 2-3 days. Apply hydrating cream when feeling dryness.
3) Do not exfoliate dead skin cells.
4) Wash face and apply makeup after 24 hours.
5) Avoid sauna.
6) Do not use unsubscribed medicine or drugs.