What is Facial Rejuvenation with Acupuncture?

What is Facial Rejuvenation with Acupuncture? And does it work?

Q. What is Facial Acupuncture and mechanism?

A. It was started many, many centuries ago. It was initially called Mei Rong, some people might recognize that name. It's basically cosmetic beauty.
It was employed by emperors and empresses in some of the ancient times for not only maintaining health and beauty but also systemically and constitutionally to make you feel and stay healthy and more youthful looking. So, that's what we do. We work with the body. We don't just put needles in the face, we actually work with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and we look through the body, we look at the face as somewhat of a representation of what's going on inside. We use the principles of Chinese medicine or whatever your orientation is for acupuncture. From those principles we look at the systemic problems that create the aging process.
Basically what I'm saying is that wrinkles, sagging muscle tone, poor skin, all of those are just symptoms of something underlying. As acupuncturist, we are looking at not just the symptoms but what's underneath. We're also addressing the wrinkles, sagging muscles, all of that from the outside as well. We're working on the outside, we're working on the inside to create what we call beauty and health as one package. I believe beauty is your reflection of what's on the outside so we work from the inside and the outside to make people look and feel their best every day.
We treat underlying conditions together to enhance their outward appearance. For example, if you look at something like digestive disorders. If you look in the face digestive disorders really reflect in the muscle tone of the face. We look at the health of the spleen. The health of the spleen, the health of the stomach, then we look at muscle tone. If you have a damp spleen in Chinese medicine that all the muscles are heavier, everything is kind of sagging, puffy, similar to say, the Pillsbury Dough Boy. In the face, it reflects as puffiness, swelling, heaviness of the cheek muscles, particularly the jaw line. So, we'll work cosmetically on the face to tone the muscles of the face and to reduce the puffiness and swelling but you have to address what's underneath. You have to address the spleen. In treating the spleen you're also treating the digestive issues.
It is the same with the liver system. If you have liver invading the spleen or liver blood deficiency what we generally say, as the liver controls the eyes, so what we'll see clinically is we'll see creasing. Creasing between the eyebrows, around the eyebrows. Again, in order to address wrinkles we're going to address the liver as well.

Q.How about skin, what do we know?

A. We know that from Chinese medicine that skin is ruled by the lungs. If you're looking pale and wan, dull complexion, we're going to not only address your complexion but we're going to address your lungs as well. So, it really is truly the only inside/outside approach to health and wellbeing.

Q.How to apply it to reduce the wrinkles?

A. We put in the time which is ten session and reevaluate and then when you are satisfied with your appearance, then we move into maintenance. For instance, why do you have wrinkles in the forehead? Actually what's creating this creasing in the forehead is the tension in the muscle which is the tightness in the muscle related with the liver. We're talking about the way that muscles twitch in the face. When muscles twitch, too strong or too fast, then you're going to get facial creasing. Not only in this, have we addressed the creasing itself but we have actually addressed the underlying cause, which is the This is re-education.
This is eye redness. This is actually, I think, just one treatment. This is again, talks about the benefits of using acupuncture. You see how red his eyes are. Then after one treatment it's much softer, but not only is it softer but his eyes are much more open. Look how hooded he looks in here and here. As you can see his eyelid ptosis, or that hooding, is diminished as well. We're not just working ... And, again, we're working with heat. Heat in this condition it's stomach.