Thanks to our work culture for introducing flexibility in many areas. Besides traditional 9-5 working hours, people work remotely from home, while commuting, and visiting another city or country. The internet has allowed people to break the work-place bond, giving them a great escape option from surrounded cubicle walls.

However, with all this flexibility come disadvantages too. They have replaced their office with comfy couches with a laptop lazily lying on their thighs. What they believe to be freedom from constant work is, in reality, completely opposite. Instant reply to emails and messages makes them glace down at their laptop and phone. This ultimately results in neck muscle tension.

Neck muscle tension isn’t an uncommon health problem among teenagers and office goers. Almost everyone complains about having an irritated neck. Besides constant discomforts and aches, they experience pops and cracks in the nearby muscles and spine.

What’s the solution?

The lack of neck mobility, when not treated on time, may put you at risk of injury. The best solution to eliminate neck pain and inflammation is to get acupuncture for neck tension from a certified practitioner. The practice unblocks stagnation and blockage in the body and promotes the free flow of blood and energy throughout. This is done by inserting small needles into the affected area. Ultimately, the target points unblock the channels, improve blood flow, reduces inflammation, and relax muscles, thereby, erase the pain you’re experiencing. Often, practitioners recommend recurring visits for a specified period of time to combat muscle tightness problem from the root.

Other benefits of Acupuncture

Besides providing immediate relief from pains and aches, Acupuncture accelerates the body’s ability to heal itself, naturally. For this reason, the practice suits best for those who are engaged in heavy weight lifting and athletics. In both cases, the practice increases strength and stamina.
Even acupuncture helps in eliminating the soreness of the body from yesterday’s heavy workout. Also, it is known to alleviate prolonged chronic pain because of muscle tightness. When pain medications don’t work or diminish the pain, turning to acupuncture is a smart option.

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If you’re experiencing neck muscle tightness or shoulder pain and had tried all sorts of medication, there’s no harm to try something new. Schedule an appointment at NY Papa Acupuncture to get long-term relief from varied conditions including neck muscle tension.